Dear Sir or Madam,
Really feeling at home in your house or apartment depends on a lot of factors. How is your home’s room layout, how is it furnished, how is the furniture arranged, how high is the humidity and what is the ambient temperature – these are just a few of the numerous influences that affect us.

Especially the color and texture of the walls, ceilings and floors play an important part. My job as a master house-painter and decorator is to assist you so that the largest surfaces of your home will perfectly contribute to your well-being. In doing so I set great store in making your dreams become reality because your happiness is my ultimate goal. Honesty, reliability, and timeliness are the fundamentals of my craft when it comes to realizing your project. Please browse my website for more information on the services I offer.

Coming to your place for a non-binding on-site consultation would be a great pleasure for me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.